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Thoughtful, Unique, Modern, Functional, Unchained.

Unchained workshop is operated by two friends; Mehmet Çınar & Efe Tansel, who decided to start designing and making things they liked by abandoning their previous professions.

Our goal is to design and make things that are both functional and aesthetically pleasing, mostly out of wood. All of our products are completely hand made and made in small batches. Since we use mostly wood every item is unique and none will be the same as another one.

We don't make our products by the thousands, everything is made one by one with care & effort of only two people.
With its unique style, The Pegboard is designed to be used in conjunction with its accessories, which were developed with simplicity, functionality, and variety in mind.

Thanks to Its distinctive "plus" pattern the Pegboard has more than 20 interchangeable accessories, making it adaptable to your needs whether it's being used in a home or office.

The Pegboard itself and all of its accessories are made out of furniture grade birch plywood and finished with shellac, which is a natural material.

Every Pegboard comes with two wall mounting kits which won't be seen from the outside when the Pegboard is installed which makes for a clean look when installed on your wall.
The Low unit can be used to store or display all kinds of items from hi-fi equipment to books, a coffee corner or even as a TV unit.

It’s simple and clean design allows it to be such a versatile product to be used anywhere you need.

The legs are made out of Solid White Limba, Furniture grade Birch plywood is used for the shelves. They are both finished with a non-toxic and VOC free oil based finish which provides a natural look and feeling.

The assembly of the Low Unit is very easy and quick, all you need is a screwdriver.