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Pegboard Wine Set

Pegboard Wine Set
Pegboard Wine Set
Pegboard Wine Set

With its unique style, The Pegboard is designed to be used in conjunction with its accessories, 

which were developed with simplicity, functionality, and variety in mind.

Thanks to Its distinctive "plus" pattern the Pegboard has more than 20 interchangeable accessories, making it adaptable to your needs whether it's being used in a home or office.


The Pegboard itself and all of its accessories are made out of furniture grade birch plywood and finished with shellac, which is a natural material.

Every Pegboard comes with two wall mounting kits which won't be seen from the outside when the Pegboard is installed which makes for a clean look when installed on your wall.

3,000 TL
Ex Tax: 2,778 TL

Available Options

Material Brich
Paket İçeriği
STACKboard 1 Adet
Kadeh Tutucu 1 Adet
Montaj Kiti 1 Adet
Şarap Tutucu 3 Adet
Askı 2 Adet
Size 60x36 cm
Weight 3 Kg
Processing Time 2-5 business days, ETA 1-5 business days.